Offering Comprehensive and Concise Property Inspections, with Post-Inspection Consultation

P-86 Home Inspectors


All Structural Inspections adhere to the American Society Of Home Inspectors’ (ASHI) Standard Of Practice ; “Top Down/Outside In.


Your home’s environment has the potential to be a serious health risk. We check for things like mold, lead, asbestos, radon, and carbon monoxide.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

P-86 will professionally serve our clients with unsurpassed thoroughness and integrity. We will respectfully serve the community with kindness and encouragement.

P-86 Home Inspectors Services

P-86 Home Inspectors Services

‚ÄčAll of our services are designed around a Quality Assurance Model.

Initial Inspection: Determines the Functionality and Safety of your property.

Maintenance: What is required to remedy deficiencies.

Preventive Maintenance: What is required to keep your property in optimal condition, including a checklist of commonly serviced items (furnace filters, water filters, smoke and CO detectors…).

Quality Assurance: An abbreviated annual inspection.


P86 will start your inspection from the roof, moving to the siding/window/doors. We then inspect your foundation, attached structures, and carport /garage. We will inspect your landscape and grade to ensure that water will flow away from your home.

Moving inside we will inspect the attic, basement/crawl space. Each room will be thoroughly inspected, followed by plumbing and fixtures, appliances, and electrical.


Your home’s environment has the potential to be a serious health risk. Things like mold, lead, asbestos, radon, carbon monoxide if left undetected could lead to long term health issues, even death.

Our environmental inspections can expose these hidden dangers. Our post-inspection consultation can help you identify ways to mitigate your risk.

Whether you are selling, buying, or just want the peace of mind of knowing that your property is in optimal condition…

P-86 is devoted to you.

Our comprehensive inspections can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. Our post-inspection consulting service allows us to help you understand what we found during the inspection; providing you with the data you need to make an educated decision.